Thanks for being here. I’m a composer who’s spent my life writing and producing music for television and film and the occasional polka. I love what I do and hopefully this website shows that. The intersection of music composition and constantly evolving technology has always been a great fit for me. And I love the challenge of creating music that has the purpose of eliciting an emotion driven by what’s on the screen.


After college I immersed myself in recording studios and small local projects while playing bars and clubs as a solo singer/acoustic guitar player. In Anchorage, AK of all places. It was here that I learned what a Bonzai Coke was.  

Got hired by Admusic in LA and started hanging with the big dogs…think Great Dane meets Doberman. Musical education on steroids learning how to score music to million dollar TV commercials with never enough time to do it. Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, Nissan . . . Depends. Things went well and then I bought the company with John Adair and Korbin Kraus. Moved to Santa Monica, built an awesome multi-studio facility and called it Emoto. Good times and good people.  In 2011 we turned Emoto over to two incredible talents, Paul Schultz and Paul Bessenbacher while we turned our focus exclusively to television and film. And here we are, like most other composers these days, working away in our beautiful home studios by ourselves with our fancy-pants sample libraries wondering if we’ll ever again hire an actual live musician. I digress…


Here’s some of my work. Hope you like it.